Time to Renovate

16 August, 2016 (04:36) | Home Improvement | By: Terry

I knew that it’s time to renovate the bathrooms Bolton after everything look so cracked and worn down. I had been saving for this day to come, and so I was ready to pay for it the day I knew that it was time. The house was a hundred years old, and so it didn’t come as a surprise for me.

The medicine cabinet needed to be replaced, and I choose one that was off-white. The tiles in the bathroom needed to be re-done, and I decided to match the color of the tiles to the color of the floors. The toilet was breaking, so I decided to get that replaced with a more toilet. I only to make several changes in the bathroom, but it made the room feel completely different.

Awkward Dork Comic Convention Etiquette

7 January, 2016 (01:13) | Marketing | By: Terry

Comic Conventions have become a big thing lately. When I was a prepubescent dork, a comic con was where I and other sweaty fellows went to get Erik Larsen to doodle the Savage Dragon’s head on a copy of Thor #385 (scripted by the great Stan Lee).

Now a comic con is a place where everybody, including women, go to learn about comic book movies. There are booth babes, cosplayers, regular fans and promotional girls London everywhere you look.

Unfortunately some of my fellow dorks have had a lot of trouble adjusting. I have a friend (yes, she works at a comic store) who related to me a horror story. Her friend was in a skirt and a bunch of sweaty geeks were following her around giggling and taking pictures. As she walked up a set of stairs, they excitedly took photos up her skirt. She had to run in an elevator to escape.

How about a new rule: Pretend every woman at a comic convention is your sister. OK?

Events are Fun!

6 October, 2015 (04:32) | Sales | By: Terry

Are you looking for a fun job with some flexibility? Do you want to see all of your favorite concerts or sporting events for free, or better yet, get paid to see them?? If the answer to any or all of the above is yes, than join our events staff London!! Jones Events Solutions is the premier event staffing company in the greater El Paso area. As long as you are over 18, and can legally work in the United States then we want you! Be sure to specify on your application what venue you prefer to work at and what area of speciality you choose. Currently we are hiring for all positions, but spots fill up fast so be sure to get your applications in quickly!!! We looking forward to hearing from you, and having you join our team!!!!

A Memorable Way to Relax

18 August, 2015 (08:33) | Massage | By: Terry

After working weeks and weeks at a new warehouse job, which earns well but takes a toll on one’s body, I began to notice some serious tension and pain in some of my joints. Now I may have said that the job pays decently, I don’t have the sort of cash to afford any sort of respectable medical coverage; it’s this particular issue which inspired this written piece. After my friend, Bill, noticed me descending a set of steps with a great deal of pausing before each footfall, he recommended that I visit the thai massage Liverpool parlor he’d recently visited for his back.

After assuring me that the place was legit, with no “happy endings,” and I remarked that “Thai” is a proper noun, Bill drove me over. While it wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, the muscular miracle that those girls performed made me feel like a million bucks.

Music to my ears

8 August, 2015 (06:15) | Old Age | By: Terry

I used to sit out on our back porch and watch the hummingbirds and robins come to our bird feeders. I loved to close my eyes and just listen to the songs of those beautiful birds. Or the wind in the cornfield or the occasional car that passed on our dirt road. The last couple of years it has been harder and harder to hear those sweet melodies, so I went to my doctor and he recommended I look into getting my hearing tested. He recommended a good ENT and after going through the hearing test, this doctor recommended hearing aids Stockport. We tried several styles, some bigger and some smaller, but she was really trying to find a set that would be comfortable, and not look like I was wearing them. I have never enjoyed listening to those birds quite as much as I do now.

Crazy and Cool Parental Home

19 July, 2015 (11:47) | Gardening | By: Terry

My parents have just bought a huge villa in the French countryside. I think they are crazy. However, it is a pretty little house. They are in the middle of renovations and they have come across a few problems. Yet, that does not stop them from enjoying their small garden and goats. They were such city people; I do not know what happened!

Anyway, they want to try this new thing called living walls. It is a wall that is covered with plants. It is like a vertical garden. Only my mother would think of this. However, once it gets done I think it wil be quite nice. They have already started putting some of the plants in place. They are doing it in the porch so that the plants will have sun and be protected all year round. Who knew this even existed?

Benefits of Sandblasting Without Traditional Sand

17 July, 2015 (08:52) | Property | By: Terry

Traditional blasting sand often contains high amounts of silica, which is toxic if ingested and harmful to the environment. Luckily there is a way to sandblast without the use of highly toxic materials like silica loaded sand.

Recycled glass media is extremely low in silica and is quickly replacing sand as a more environmentally friendly sandblasting material. The absence of silica in high amounts is just one benefit that this material has to offer. Sandblasting with this method is incredibly effective and yields beautiful results.

Crushed recycled glass is also less dense than other sandblasting materials, which means that there can be less time in between blasts and greater productivity levels. This material is also only classified as a “nuisance” dust and therefor requires very little clean up, also adding to productivity to time ratio. This also means that the material, once used, doesn’t leave behind any harmful chemical residue.